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ver selb tickets

Seid dabei! Mehr geht nicht an Spielen, mehr kann man auch nicht sparen. Der Unterschied zur WölfeSaisonkarte ist, dass die Playoffs nicht inkludiert sind.


Für besagte Meisterrunde, in der bis zum Spieler, Trainer, Verantwortliche und natürlich Fans freuen sich auf die Meisterrunde tckets die anstehenden 14 Vergleiche mit den Topteams des Südens. Ab heute können für alle Meisterrundenheimspiele unserer Selber Wölfe Tagestickets aller Kategorien wie gewohnt über unseren TicketPartner reservix geordert werden. Inhaber einer SaisonKarte können sich beruhigt zurücklehnen — alle Heimspiele unserer Wölfe in der Meisterrunde sind natürlich inbegriffen in der SaisonKarte.

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View details. Over 20, competitors from 62 countries competing at their country qualifiers and at the World Finals each year. This is the greatest all-genre dance competition in the world for children and young adults.

Please download the school information pack for…. Dance World Cup is delighted to announce a major sponsorship deal with Ballet Rosa for the next three years, commencing from September As of….

It is designed to showcase the best dancers,…. DWC are delighted to announce our new Educational Programme for dancers attending the Finals of our competition in Portugal We will be holding weekend…. Braga is a wonderful tourist destination that combines history and culture, with numerous outstanding architecture and attractions dating back not just hundreds, but thousands of years.

Braga is situated between mountains, forests, grand valleys, plains and fields, constructing natural spaces, moulded by human intervention. Braga is a homely, intimate city that packs an unexpected punch. With the Dance World Cup showing growth each year, was a momentous year for us and all the dancers that participated in the World Finals that took place in Sitges, Spain.

We only needed 10 out of the days of sun in a year in Sitges, and Spain delivered perfect weather along with perfect scenery along its 17 beaches. The opening ceremony was held along the beach with dancers representing over 46 countries. What a sight to behold and experience, so many passionate dancers from across the globe in one place. Sitges of the 21st century is based on creativity, talent and innovation, but without ever losing its roots.

The echoes of national anthems being sung was truly an amazing experience, uniting countries through the language of dance. With an outstanding amount of dancers, the Dance World Cup finals truly is not one to forget. With over dancers participating in the competition this was an incredible event for Dance and the Island. Since it was last held in the Island six years ago, the competition has grown significantly, with 30 countries, including Japan, Malaysia, South Africa and Mexico, compared to just 18 in Jersey had never witnessed so many artistic performances from young dancers and it was truly memorable for all those involved.

All of the participants showed an incredibly high standard of dance and each participant excelled. All in all what a miraculous experience it has been. On Saturday the 27th of June , Bucharest was welcomed by the breath-taking large group of passionate and spirited dancers; as the Opening Ceremony for the Dance World Cup finals commenced. In the experience of Dance World Cup was taken to a whole new level with the introduction of Club Wow, the media home of the Dance World Cup and introduced a new kind of live streaming that had never been experienced before.

A great many new friends were made and the spirit of dance only grew in abundance. In , the Dance World Cup finals saw around competitors from 28 countries across the globe participate in Algarve, Portugal. The Congress Centre came alive as it boomed with exhilaration, as a multitude of dancers and supporters brought their spirit and vibrant culture to the energetic city of Algarve.

The warm sunny skies and the crisp blue waters of the Rio Arade set the backdrop for a pulsating extravaganza. All in all, the Dance world Cup finals saw a passion for dance that will for ever be remembered. Our opening ceremony this year included performances from professionals within the English industry and a highlight were routines performed by Unity UK. All of the participants of Dance World Cup showed an incredibly high standard of dance and each participant excelled on the day and we welcomed Spain for the very first time to the competition.

The competition was also attended by participants from Malaysia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and our new friends from India. Before we arrived in Villach in June our participants were unaware of the sheer beauty that awaited them for their stay in this picturesque location. The Congress Centre Villach was the perfect venue for Dance World Cup the 2, participants enjoyed performing on a wonderful stage and the surrounding areas were just fabulous for the competitors to practice.

One of our memories is of watching the Malaysians rehearsing along the riverbank before breakfast and before their performance. The city were incredibly welcoming to the international dancers and it was a week of dance that we will never forget.

This was also the competition where our now recognisable theme tune was first played to thousands. This competition really signalled the arrival of Dance World Cup and the event alerted many more to what Dance World Cup is trying to achieve by bringing all the children together through the celebration of Dance.

The greatest all-genre dance competition for children and young adults around the world. YouTube Twitter Facebook. Book your accommodation for the Finals. Countdown to the World Finals Braga, Portugal. Latest News whats happening at the dance world cup.

Please download the school information pack for… June 21, Design a T-shirt Winners Design a T-shirt Competition - Winners The executive at Fine Designs was so impressed with not only the variety, but the standard of drawing ability… May 31, In Association with Ballet Rosa Dance World Cup is delighted to announce a major sponsorship deal with Ballet Rosa for the next three years, commencing from September As of… May 30, It Is Official!

It is designed to showcase the best dancers,… March 13, We will be holding weekend… March 6, Dance schools from around the globe These are just some of the dance schools that compete every year. With Finals all over the World This is where the finals have been in the last 8 years. Statistics of previous World Finals. The number of contestants at the World Finals have increased each year. This is without a doubt the premier dance competition on the planet!

This was our largest event to date with 3, young dancers taking part and having the opportunity to perform on the Brighton Dome Concert Hall stage. Send us a message.

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Die triumphalen Leistungen konnten die finanziellen Defizite jedoch nicht kompensieren und so kam es zum ersten Konkurs. Mit dem Rücktritt des damaligen Vereinspräsidenten Klaus Grünling bildeten sich allerdings erneut die Schuldenberge und das Schlimmste war nicht mehr zu verhindern: die dritte Insolvenz der Vereinsgeschichte. Lust auf packende Eishockey-Begegnungen?Alle Informationen rund um Eintrittspreise, Tickets und Dauerkarten für die Spiele der Selber Wölfe. bleiben gleich zur letzten Saison. ver-reservix-ticket. Tickets einfach und problemlos von zuhause bestellen über die Homepage des VER Selb ( oder.